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it's about the principle.

i was recently demoted at work. demoted after being promised that nothing was changing with my role. demoted after being promoted only four months ago. demoted after working tirelessly in the past four months, often beyond my job description and pay grade. and demoted, again, after having this happen less than 18 months ago.

the reasoning? the owner couldn't justify my pay. couldn't justify the extra $100 a week i was 'costing' the business. from a business perspective, i get it - he has an assistant manager and a manager, why do they need a supervisor? from a human perspective? i do not.

the truth is, you can't treat people like that and expect them to stay. you can't use people when you need them and then cast them off to the side when you don't. your employees are more than just a number; they're more than just a 'cost'. they're people. and if you don't look after your people first? they definitely won't look after you.

this is the third time in the past three years where i have had pay taken from me. taken, despite me exceeding my value. so why does this keep happening to me? because i keep allowing it. because i understand. i understand when people are struggling. i care. but the problem with this approach? i'm then at a loss. no one else, only me. so i have a choice - i keep accepting this reality, this treatment, or i finally stand up for myself and say no: this is my value. this is my worth. if you can't see it and respect it, then i'll go somewhere that does.

it's not about the money. it's about the principle of being treated fairly. and if someone doesn't see your value? don't waste your energy fighting for it. spend that energy finding somewhere that does.

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