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is your organisation in need of a public speaker? someone who will captivate your audience in a real and relatable way? by sharing my struggles with my sexuality, not feeling good enough, and ultimately suicide, i believe i can offer your organisation a powerful and emotive presentation that can prompt change.

after hitting rock bottom in 2015, i felt compelled to share my story. for years i have been doing this in private conversations and through my writing, but i have felt i could have greater influence presenting to larger groups of individuals. with relationships a central focus in my life, i believe in collaborating with organisations to tailor my talks to the needs of the group i’m presenting to.


i recently worked with westminster school to offer a presentation that focused on values, identity, and purpose – the concepts chosen by the year 12 students. i have also presented to sporting clubs to discuss concepts such as confidence, leadership, adversity, mental health, overcoming injuries, and rejection. 


so if your organisation is seeking a guest speaker who epitomises what it means to be human, or if you have any questions about topics i am happy to present about, please contact me to see what experience we can create together.

"Nic’s willingness to share her own story shows her strength, courage and passion for helping others. She is honest and caring, and has a natural ability to make people feel at ease. Equipping us with confidence and new skills, she encourages and motivates with a solid psychological foundation and good humour."

- Lauren Rauda


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