i'd be naive to think that i wouldn't struggle with motivation. that i wouldn't continually ask myself the question; what's the point? because i am struggling with motivation. and i am wondering, what is the point?

i'm a firm believer that if things aren't happening naturally, perhaps they're not what is meant for you. i've come to this place multiple times with soccer - things never happened for me. no matter how well i was performing, the opportunity never presented itself. and i've been finding that for a while with my writing - no matter how much i believe in the content and in the words i write, it's just not reaching a larger audience. and i'm at a loss for what else to do. how long do you keep persisting when nothing much is changing?

all i've ever wanted is a break - someone to look at the work i'm doing and say hey, i want to work with you. the stuff i've been doing with my training is, i believe, a goldmine. every industry needs what i'm teaching. and yet no one sees it as something worth investing in.

i've always been very convicted of my why - but i've struggled with the how and the what. and i suppose that's what i need help with - practical actions for my abstract ideas. i have the content, but i don't have the audience. i don't have the reach. and i don't have the marketing skills nor knowledge of how to achieve that.

i think it's important to acknowledge when we get stuck. to acknowledge when we want to quit. because that's what's relatable - that's what's real. the path to success is rarely smooth, nor is it always achieved. and rarely do we hear about these obstacles, these existential crises, these moments of "what's the point?". and this is when we need other people; this is when i need you and your help.

so if anyone has any ideas, or knows anyone who might be able to assist in helping me reach more people, i'm all ears (or eyes if it's via a screen). and if there's anyone else who's struggling or feels stuck, how can you acknowledge your humanness and ask for help?

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