this past week, i witnessed two men i respect become vulnerable with me. one admitted that he had been struggling with motivation ever since covid-19 hit, the other expressed his insecurities about being inadequate. and it was beautiful and humbling to witness.

often we forget that the people responsible for us are human too. humans that require the same love, nurturing, and understanding that we all require. instead, we expect these people to be super-human. we expect them to not have emotion. to not have a life. to not struggle.

i’m guilty of this - sometimes when i am frustrated at an employer or coach, i get angry. i dehumanise them. i make them out to be a horrible person. but the reality is, they’re not horrible. they’re just human. and they, just like you and me, have their own shit going on too.

so the purpose of this post is two-fold:

1. having compassion towards those in charge for they are just like you and me, human beings with a complex array of emotions and

2. the importance of vulnerability for those in charge. the best way for others to be reminded that you’re human, is to show them. be real. be honest. be human.

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