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"the teacher will present itself when the student is ready."

life can be challenging. but challenges serve to help us grow. the more pain we experience, the more growth we have to endure.

recently i've been asking myself the aforementioned question - what is the universe asking of me in this moment? or alternatively, what lesson am i still to learn from this experience? abraham hicks states that every experience either fulfills a desire, or it enhances a desire. so any time you experience something adverse, it's really strengthening a desire to experience the opposite.

for example, if you're in a relationship and you're not feeling heard or seen, as frustrating as that can be, it can strengthen your desire to find someone who does hear you. see you. and support you. what pains us is often what is important to us. the first question i then ask is, where can i adjust? can i change the way i'm viewing this? can i let go of this desire or does letting go compromise who i am and what i believe?

i'm finding that within my desire to understand others and their behaviours, i can sometimes be too accepting of behaviour that is really not serving to myself or them. and perhaps there's a lesson to learn in this naivety - to be compassionate, but discerning. we teach others how to treat us through what we reinforce and what we punish so if someone isn't treating you the way you want to be treated, what role have you played in their behaviour?

the next time you experience something adverse, remember that pain signals room for growth. ask yourself: what's the lesson and where can i adjust? what desire is this either fulfilling or enhancing?

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