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what i'm finding so challenging with the work i'm doing is the delay between the interest and the execution. the silence between presenting and impact. and the time between implementation and momentum.

they say all good things take time, but how do you stay motivated when there's rarely any visible reward or reinforcement? when gaining any traction feels like you're swimming upstream? when the time taken between a company's interest and implementation could be months, if not years? when you feel like you've got everything you need; the idea, the product, the need, and the capability, but not the platform?

i've written before about the need to let go and to allow the universe to guide you, but taking a passive approach and 'waiting' for things to happen doesn't feel conducive to building a brand and a business. at what point is taking an active approach actually forcing something not meant to be?

what i've found through most of my life is that people opt for passive approaches with regards to relationships in their lives. for example, "let me know if you need anything" - this phrase, although well intended, is passive. it's asking the other person, whom we assume is struggling, to figure out what they need and communicate that to you, someone who hasn't actively tried to support them.

so instead of taking a passive approach, how can you take an active approach? how can you actively show interest in others' lives? can you leave a review? share their work? advocate for them? discuss their ideas? promote their business? all of these suggestions cost nothing but a little of your time. and the return? i guarantee you'll not only have their appreciation and gratitude, but you'll also feel pretty grand yourself.

"happiness may only be found by helping others find it."

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