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we as humans like to attach to people and to things. attachment gives us a sense of security, a sense of purpose, a sense of control. but our attachment to these things hinders our ability to let things unfold naturally. it’s what creates suffering. so, how can you let someone go?

it’s important to ask yourself what exactly it is that you’re attached to. are you attached to the person, or are you attached to the idea of being with this person? if the former, what is it about this person that you’re so drawn to? if the latter, ask yourself why you feel the need to be with anyone at this point in time. what are you running from or what is it within you that you feel is incomplete that you need another to fulfill?

breaking down what we’re drawn to in an individual allows us to let go of our attachment to them as a person and allows us space to find those qualities in another individual. the more we focus on what we want, the more we’ll manifest that in other areas of our lives. on the contrary, the more we focus on what we’re lacking, on what we don’t have, the more the universe will reinforce those feelings.

so in order to get “what you want” you have to let go. you have to focus not on the person, because we can never control the feelings of another and who they’re attracted to, but focus on their qualities. because i guarantee there are many people who possess what you desire, the secret is to be receptive to those people. and the only

way to be receptive is to not be attached.

focus on what you want, let go of all the rest. the universe will manifest your energy in a way you could never have imagined. energy doesn’t lie - trust it.

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