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in 18 months, i lost 10kgs. my secret? i didn’t intend to.

i always have mixed feelings about goal setting because when we set goals, we’re setting them from a position of deficiency. from a place of lacking. we’re here, but we want to be there. and so we concern ourselves with getting “there”.

the problem with this mentality is the energy it elicits. it’s negative. it’s deficient. it’s stressful. and as i mentioned in a former post about my weight, stress makes you retain weight, not lose it.

the problem with diets is they deal with the “how” and the “what” but they neglect to tackle the “why”. people know what they should be eating, people know they should be exercising, so why don’t they? it’s not from a lack of knowledge, it’s from a lack of understanding. understanding their “why”.

so the question i would ask anyone wanting to lose weight - when did you first notice you put on weight? what was going on in your life that might’ve contributed to the weight gain? and what are you emotionally holding on to that you can’t seem to let go of?

for me, it was soccer. it was the idea of “making it”. soccer consumed every thought. every decision. every ounce of my energy. and it was stressful. debilitating. limiting. once i let that go, i started listening to my body. i started paying attention to when i was actually hungry, not when i “thought” i should be eating. i questioned, “do i really want this?” and if the answer was yes, i’d eat it. if no, i wouldn’t.

i’m not trying to minimise weight loss, but i am trying to reduce the stress surrounding it. fancy diets don’t work, not because they’re fancy, but because they don’t deal with the root cause. answer the aforementioned questions and start listening to your body. start relieving your stress and i’m pretty confident the weight will start relieving you.

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