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getting rejected sucks. whether it be for a job, a person, or being selected on a team, no one likes the feelings that rejection brings.

often when we’re rejected, we internalise as though there must be something wrong with us. we question; what did i do wrong? do i not have enough experience? am i not attractive enough? am i not good enough? what other explanation is there for me not being chosen?

but the truth is, none of these are true.

i recall a mentor of mine telling me how she was overlooked for a job position which she was more than qualified for. and she was overlooked because the board didn’t like her. they were threatened by her. and i said to her, how do you accept that? how do you not internalise that as there must be something wrong with you? and her comment? it’s their loss.

confidence is not; “they will like me.” confidence is; “i’ll be okay even if they don’t.”

and you will be. because you don’t need any person, any job, or any team to validate how great you already are. if they don’t want you, it is their loss. not yours. because you’re fucking great and you have a lot to offer. don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.

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