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how do you not compare?

how do you not compare?

in a world dominated by individualism

selfishness becomes a virtue

necessary to succeed.

what you don't know,

can't hurt.

but how do you escape

the infiltration of information?

knowledge is no longer power,

but fuel.

fuel for anger,

for dissatisfaction,

for envy.

humans are complex

but a few things remain true -

like our need for fairness,

and our need for value.

but the reality is,

the world rewards the loud

the selfish

the demanding.

while punishing the loyal

the hard working

the compassionate.

what incentive is there

to continue being 'good'?

when being good means

one must go without.

go without payment

go without recognition

go without value.

so the questions remain:

how can you remain sane,

in a world so insane?

how can you remain healthy,

in a world so sick?

how can you remain optimistic,

in a world so cruel?

a world that values things over people

a world that rewards 'me' over 'we'

a world driven to divide rather than unite.

what hope is there?

and where do we go from here?

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