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too often, we take good people for granted. these are the people that are like candles - the ones who burn themselves to give light to others. they're the people who go above and beyond what their job is. they encompass the company or organisation's values and they don't ask for more. but what they do ask for? is fairness.

we often take these people for granted because we think they don't need recognition. they don't need thanks. after all, why would they be doing something they didn't want to do? but this mentality is so wrong. these are the people that need the most thanks. the most praise. humans can only offer so much without recognition. let me be clear though - the recognition is not why they're doing this - they're doing this because they believe in the company; they want to see it succeed. but they're human. they need to feel valued. they need to feel like their efforts matter. and they need to feel appreciated.

so the next time you're looking at offering someone payment, make sure you've offered it first to the ones who have been there longer. just because they've done what they've done, doesn't mean they'll continue to do what they do, especially if they know their efforts are being overlooked. these are often the people who have shown loyalty when others haven't. these are the people who care about more than just themselves. but if you don't take care of them? they'll become like everyone else - only out for themselves. and when this happens, it's not the fault of the individual - it's the result of the culture and environment.

so what are you actively doing to take care of the ones who are taking care of you and your organisation?

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