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the first photo was taken on July 30th, 2018 weighing in at 73.4kg. the second photo was taken today, May 30th, 2019 at 66.4kg. so what’s my secret?


but it’s not what you think. i didn’t lose the weight because i was stressed, i PUT ON weight because i was stressed. look at where the weight is distributed - mainly around my stomach and vital organs. so what was i so stressed about?

making it.

last year, i had one goal in mind: to make Adelaide United. so everything i did during the year, was to give me the best chance possible of making it. from everything i ate, to everything i thought about, i was consumed by this one goal. but it was a shit goal. why? because i was never in control of it.

i knew i had to lose weight so i could be quicker. i knew i had to be quicker to compete with my peers. yet, i couldn’t lose weight no matter what i tried. no matter how much i restricted food, no matter how much i trained, i only continued to put on weight.

it wasn’t until i was released from the squad and released from my fixation of “making it” that the weight almost immediately shed from my body. ten months later and i’m still playing soccer but with one major difference: i’m playing to have fun, not to make it. and it shows in my body. and it’s showing in my performance.

moral of the story: if you are going to set goals, set goals that are within your control. be conscious of the energy you’re putting out - is it one of abundance, or is it one of deficiency? stress, pressure, and expectations can and will destroy your journey as well as your health.

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