the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask.

often in life, we avoid asking the difficult questions. we avoid them because we're afraid of the answers. but it's only within this discomfort that something truly beautiful can evolve. what we need though, is the courage to lean into this discomfort and ask beautiful questions.

sarah wilson coined this phrase in her book, 'this one wild and precious life', and i fell in love with it. instead of asking, "why is this happening to me?" perhaps ask yourself, "okay life, what are you asking of me in this moment?"

instead of asking yourself, "what do i want to achieve?" perhaps ask yourself, "how can i have influence where i am with what i have?"

instead of, "what's my financial goal?" perhaps ask yourself, "how much money is enough money? what do you need, that you don't already have? and how much value would this 'thing' really add to my life?"

instead of, "how's work?" or "how's your relationship?" what about asking someone, "if you could think about anything, what would you think about?"

instead of blaming someone, ask yourself, "what need in me is not being met?" and "how can i go about fulfilling this need?"

instead of, "how's your day?" what about, "what's something that makes you feel alive? how can you go about doing more of this?"

instead of, "what do you do?" what about asking, "what are you searching for? why are you here?"

these are just a sample of beautiful questions i frequently ask not only of others, but also of myself. and it's within these questions that i find a deeper level of intimacy, a seeing and understanding of who that person is and what's important to them. so what beautiful questions have you asked of others? feel free to share your answers below.

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