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if your mind was free to think about anything?

often in life we become fixated - on people, on things, on situations that it ends up consuming our mental capacity. what would happen if you let go of those things? what then would fill your mind?

i've been thinking about this a lot recently as i've found that the minute i let go of thinking about a specific person or situation, of distracting myself with my phone, my brain is free to roam and it comes up with some pretty insightful shit.

when we fixate on certain ideas or people, we're taking away from the natural flow of the universe. we're trying to control what can't be controlled. predict what can't be predicted. and so long as we keep doing this, we will continue to suffer. no suffering occurs when you let go. how can it? there's no attachment, no expectations, nothing but what is.

on a similar note, i've also been thinking about this idea of guilt and pain, specifically chronic pain and how that usually exists from stored memories/trauma. how long are people going to carry this for? how long do they need to say goodbye to this guilt? to let go? are you going to spend the rest of your life carrying this feeling, allowing it to tarnish every experience in the future? and for what? because you think you deserve to be punished? punished for a mistake you made years ago or for something that you actually had no control over? i don't think life is meant to be lived like that. guilt is not there to be carried throughout your life. that's why forgiveness is so powerful - it's liberating.

so my question to anyone carrying this guilt or suffering from a chronic ailment is - what would it feel like to be free of this feeling? what might you feel if you weren't so stuck on your guilt, on your pain? where would your mind go? who would you become?

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