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on a daily basis i’m reminded of the pain that exists in this world. and it’s a pain that pains me. because often these people aren’t just suffering, they’re suffering alone.

the most beautiful connections i’ve had with people have been when they’ve expressed something i can see they’ve been holding onto for a long time. something painful. something scary. something shameful. and in that moment, i offer them three things: non-reaction. non-judgement. and my presence. all of which contribute to making these individuals feel safe. seen. heard. human.

and that, that is my why: to present myself as humanly human in order to make others feel less alone. to validate. to reassure. to let people know they don’t need to do more, they just need to be more. be themselves, their imperfectly perfect selves. to feel what they feel. and to feel it without judgment.

i suspect my life will be devoted to executing this vision - the vision that i can help others create environments in which individuals whom are struggling feel safe to express their troubles. a place where people finally feel okay. a place where they realise, they’re just human. and all humans suffer. but we don’t have to suffer alone.

love, through the form of safety, that’s the solution this world needs.

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