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looking through my facebook memories over the past couple of weeks, i've found it interesting to see the development of social media over the years. ten years ago, we would share fleeting thoughts and feelings or random photos of something we thought looked pretty. all with the intention to do just that - to share. now? now we post polished pieces, edited photos, highlights and achievements. so what's changed?

our why.

social media has no longer become a platform to share your inner, mundane thoughts. it's now a platform to share what will garner a reaction; a like. a comment. a follow. and if it doesn't garner the reaction or likes you desire, many will delete the post. it's as though the validity of a post is no longer about your experience, but about the approval from others.

so why are you posting your post? why are you sharing your story? what are you wanting others to think and feel when they see it? joy, for your happiness? excitement, for your achievement? jealousy, for your life? attraction, for your photo? no longer are we posting for ourselves; but we're posting for others. do you really need to document every highlight of your life? is the mere experience of the highlight itself not enough? for many, we share consciously, but unconsciously.

we're conscious of the photos we choose - being sure to only choose the best of the many we've taken. we're conscious of the captions we write - being sure to make it catchy or enticing. but what we're not conscious of is our why - why do we feel the need to share these photos online? what approval are we seeking? what image are we portraying? what do we want others to feel?

social media steals us of authenticity. everything is polished. edited. that's why i like film cameras so much - you take one photo and you have to wait for it to be developed before you can revisit that moment. and the best part? only you hold those photos; sharing only with those you actually see in person.

so i ask, why are YOU sharing that post?

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