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fitting title given the past few months that i've stepped away from social media and made a conscious effort to significantly reduce my screen time usage. within this time, my mind was free to run rampant. these journal entries are a product of a free, undistracted mind. if you recall in a former post / journal entry, i asked the question: what would you think about if your mind could think about anything? if your mind wasn't fixated on a person, on work, on a situation, on family? what then, would your mind concoct?

and i suppose these journal entries answer that question. these are unedited thoughts and insights into the workings of my mind - this is what my mind came up with when it wasn't distracted by text messages. when it wasn't obsessing over my next post. of what photo to go with what writing. of what time to post to get the most people reading my writing.

so if you've never done so, i highly recommend a technology detox. social media takes up a lot of our mental capacity without our conscious awareness. as do our phones. but when we disengage, when we leave our phones at home, it's truly amazing to see how much richer, deeper, and fulfilling not just our thoughts become, but our resulting relationships too.

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