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there’s been quite a few recently. and i think what’s so upsetting about them is knowing how much pain these individuals were in to believe the only way to end their suffering, was to take their life. and that’s heartbreaking. it’s heartbreaking to know there are people out there, right now, suffering. and worse? they’re suffering alone.

what breaks my heart as well, is that i believe life can get better. it can get better when you’re surrounded by the right people. and i know this, because it did for me. i was at that point five years ago - i saw nothing but darkness. and when i think about how close i was to ending everything, it makes me so sad. i wasn’t finished. i still had so much to offer. as did all of these individuals, but they aren’t here to know that nor will they ever be.

as heavy as these deaths are, it’s validated my desire to devote my life to bettering others’ lives. to connecting. to making people feel less alone. i think one of life’s greatest tragedies is that we spend so much time focusing on shit that really doesn’t matter, instead, we could be spending time focusing on each other. on the things that make us human. the things that add value and serve. the things that could quite literally save lives.

so the next time someone is feeling sad or carrying something heavy, i challenge you to sit with them in that uncomfortableness. even if you don’t know what to say, just sit. just listen. just be there. we all have shit weighing us down, and it weighs on us heavier when we carry it ourselves. share the load. spread the love. save some lives.

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