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what's considered a setback and what's considered a sign?

when is it called persistence and when is it called stupidity?

suffering isn't noble. yet we suffer because of our inability to let go of our ideas of how things should be. we suffer because society glorifies pain and suffering; it romanticises unhappiness and hard work. apparently grit is one of the most important ingredients in success, but who's definition of success are we using as a measure?

i think success has far less to do with what we actually achieve and more to do with how we go about achieving it. are we dedicating ourselves to a goal, a dream, because of our masochistic nature? because of our attachment to the unrealistic belief we can achieve anything we want if only we work hard enough? a belief that negates the role of luck in determining where we end up?

what i'm questioning is not the decision to take a passive approach in life, but rather, choosing the path of least resistance. think about the last time you really wanted something - did you have to work really hard for it? or did things just 'align' for you? this is applicable not just for jobs, but relationships too. how hard did you have to fight to 'make things work'? how much did you suffer in the name of 'love'? and what would happen if you just chose to let go - to let go of the person and of how the relationship 'should' be? what then, might fall into place?

sometimes when we attach ourselves to certain goals and dreams, we lose sight of what might truly fulfill us. and instead of fulfillment, we experience disappointment and suffering. but when we have the courage to let go - to let go of certainty and control, we enter a space of free-fall. and it's within this space that what is meant for us, will find us.

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