comprehension is.

our society focuses heavily on individuals being responsible for the situations they are in, yet they fail to consider the impact the environment plays on the individual's wellbeing.

when it comes to mental health, most programs focus on building resilience and coping mechanisms for the individual struggling. but how often do people ever get 'better' alone? and how often do they require other people? what if instead of focusing on the individual, we focused on those supporting the individual? on the environment in which these individuals reside?

when it comes to relationships, i can be the world's best communicator. i can communicate my needs in a clear, concise, calm manner, but at the end of the day, if my partner doesn't have a desire to understand, if my partner can't understand, then it really doesn't matter what i say. communication isn't key, comprehension is. and comprehension is the ability to try to understand where another is coming from. to understand their pain. their behaviours. their needs. and to respond in a way that makes them feel heard, seen, validated. it's on the environment, the person listening, that determines the level of connection in the relationship.

and in the same token, it's on society, on the environments in which individuals reside, that determines the health and wellbeing of individuals. individuals don't do well when they want to do well, individuals do well when they can; when the environment is conducive for their success.

so with that in mind, and in the words of Max Goodwin from New Amsterdam, how can i help?

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