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a note to dads, brothers, and all other men out there...

imagine your daughter

imagine your daughter growing up with a dream,

a dream to play a sport,

a sport she loves and lives for.

now imagine the conversation,

you must have with her,

about the reality of this dream being a profession.

imagine the look in her eyes

as everything she dreamed is crushed

crushed not because of a lack of talent

or worth ethic

or desire

but because society deems women's sport inferior.

inferior to men who devote

equal time

equal money

equal energy

yet the dividends are far from equal.

how do you explain that to your daughter?

"honey, i know you love soccer,

and i know you're really good at soccer,

and i know you want to make money from soccer,

and i know you'll do anything to make it happen,

but honey, the world doesn't care about your dreams.

the world doesn't care about what's fair.

you were born a female.

a female in a male's world.

and unfortunately there's nothing you can do to change that.

so honey, i know this hurts,

i know it's unfair,

but maybe, just maybe,

focus on your education?"

what has been, doesn't need to continue.

your daughter deserves to have dreams,

dreams that are achievable,

not unreachable.

so the next time you want to argue the pay gap doesn't exist,

think of your daughter.

think of her dreams.

she deserves more.

women deserve more.

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