imagine a time when you were being bullied or a time when you were being uncomfortably hit on - how hard was it to stand up for yourself? to tell that individual, or individuals, that their behaviour was causing you distress?

if you're like most people, it would have felt near impossible. and that's because it's extremely hard to stand up for yourself. to protect yourself in moments of vulnerability. and that's why it's so important to stand up for others.

when i look back on my life, there have been four distinct instances where i've felt protected. where i've had friends and family stand up for me, fight for me. and that feeling? it makes you feel worthy. safe. valued.

i'm a firm believer in standing up for what i believe to be right and fair. any time i see a slither of behaviour that resembles bullying, i vouch to put an end to it. so too whenever i witness a situation i deem to be unfair or unjust. i have a really difficult time witnessing situations in which individuals are being subjected to snide remarks or unfair treatment and yes, i'm guilty of overstepping boundaries in speaking up. but i would rather be disliked for what i said than disliked for what i did not.

so the next time a situation comes up that makes you feel uncomfortable because of how someone is being treated, can you say something? can you stand up for them? protect them? show them you have their back? because chances are, they're not going to stand up for themselves. but, there's strength to be found in numbers, and you can be that number. you can be that difference.

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