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"raise money for charity" - how many times have you been asked to either raise funds for an organisation or donate money to a cause? how did you feel after doing so? did donating that money significantly change your life? did it significantly change someone else's?

society operates around money. but companies are always going to be asking for more money because we're caught up in this more more more mentality. what would happen if we let go of trying to raise more money and instead, committed to being creative with the money we did have? with the resources we already possessed? innovation in Australia is at its lowest because we live in one of the most luxurious countries in the world. why get creative when you can get busy spending?

the problem i have with charities and organisations is this is invariably the approach they take - to seek money. and we donate because it's easy. it's convenient. but the joy of donating is only temporary. why? because it's not changing someone's life. it's impersonal. it's passive. what these companies need isn't your money, they need your time. instead of donating to companies, what if you instead offered to volunteer?

when was the last time money changed your life? has it ever? if the answer is no, why then are we constantly striving for more money if we know it's not the most important thing in our lives? how can you make a difference where you are with what you have?

on the contrary, when was the last time a person changed your life? people remember people that inspired them. that listened to them. that accepted them. the person that gave them their time and presence. not the person that donated money. society doesn't need more money, society needs more people willing to make a difference. to change people's lives. to donating their most precious gift: time. so how can you be this difference? how can you go forth and impact someone’s life?

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