yesterday i finally did what i’ve been talking about doing for a while - i ran my first mental health training session for individuals to learn how to navigate difficult conversations.

since graduating from college in 2015, i’ve spent years acquiring knowledge from books, people, and life experiences. but none of this knowledge is any good unless you decide to do something with it.

and so this week i decided to act on what i’ve been talking about for months. in the space of one night, i designed a two hour training program which i held yesterday for five fabulous volunteers. and although there’s much for me to learn, the act of doing is where the growing and learning occurs; for both the participants and myself.

so for those of you who have supported me in my visions - either by your participation or your interest, i thank you. and for anyone else - if you’re interested in being a part of this training program, in learning how to respond to individuals who might be suicidal or who are just struggling in general, please contact me.

and together we can learn to take better care of each other.

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