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what makes a great leader? leaders use their social influence to maximise the efforts of others to achieve a common goal. notice what leadership is not? money. or profit. or success. why? because these do not make you a leader. making a difference does.

if you look at any long-term successful business, what do they have in common? they care about people - their staff, their customers, and how to maximise those relationships. take care of your staff and they’ll take care of your business. and i don’t mean take care of them financially, because money isn’t the most valuable asset you possess - giving a shit is.

companies everywhere all have the same problem - they all want more money. but no matter how much money an organisation has, they’ll still ask for more. why? because it’s human nature. but money is a quick fix. and it’s not even a fix. what these companies need is a different mindset - how can we make a difference WHERE WE ARE with WHAT WE HAVE? when you start focusing on the micro, you’ll ultimately affect the macro.

i’ve been guilty of wanting more money, too. for months i was caught up in what others were getting paid compared to me. it wasn’t until i stopped to ask myself; how much money do you need to live the life you want? what would that money offer you that you don’t already have now? will any of those “things” add value to your life? will it make you kinder? more generous? more connected? more peaceful? or will it only feed that self-serving ego that will continue wanting more?

the most important moments in our lives don’t cost money. they occur in seemingly insignificant, inexpensive moments involving other people. it’s when both parties decide to be their completely vulnerable selves. vulnerability then, is an extremely important asset of being a leader. the more human you are, the more relatable you become.

as a leader, what you stand for matters more than what you do. are you concerned with profits or people? are you dividing or uniting? are you making money or making a difference? because the latter precedes the former. leading doesn’t require much more than giving a shit about others, so i ask you, are you a leader?

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