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stress is something all of us are no doubt familiar with. and that in itself is scary - the fact that it is so commonplace. the worst part about stress though is that it's a silent killer.

not only are there significant health effects associated with stress, but stress also affects our relationships. this, in turn, only aids in further deteriorating our health. it's important to acknowledge when you're stressed. it's also important to listen to others when they mention they're concerned about you. although you might feel fine in the moment, often the effects of what we take on have delayed consequences. and this is what i've found within my own life.

just recently my partner mentioned that she was concerned about me because of everything i was taking on. i brushed it off - i'm okay. i can handle this. it wasn't until i uncharacteristically snapped a few nights later and took it out on her that i realised, fuck. i'm really actually not coping.

unfortunately i can't take back what i said or how i acted that night. the point is, i was warned. i had a few people; acquaintances, friends, and partner all address their concerns for my wellbeing. but i proceeded to ignore them. and in ignoring them, i consequently hurt someone when i took my stress out on them.

so the moral of the story is - check yourself and listen. people don't raise their concerns for no reason - they raise their concerns because they can invariably see what you often can't. this isn't to say that my awareness would have prevented my behaviour from occurring, but it might have. and at the very least, perhaps my awareness would allow me to better manage my responsibilities, allowing me to get back to feeling more myself - more full, more vibrant, more giving. right now though, my tank is becoming depleted. so it's time i took a step back to refill my cup.

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