well, what’s the difference? the difference is in the intention. the energy. the purpose.

many of us find ourselves doing things we don’t want to do. we’re stuck in jobs we hate. relationships we don’t like. people pleasing for people we don’t even care for. why? because we’re trying to get “somewhere”. get “something”. be “someone”. in other words, we’re living to build our résumé.

what does it mean then, to live for your eulogy? it means that you prioritise doing what you want to do. it means finding the job that adds the most value, not the most money. the job that fuels your passions, not your plans. it means finding someone, something, that makes you kinder, more loving, more open as though nothing else matters. because the truth is, nothing else does matter.

brené brown has a fantastic video on the most boundaried people also being the most compassionate people. and what she means by boundaries is people willing to say “no” to things they don’t want to do. how much value are you adding to the world, doing a job you don’t enjoy? now imagine the value you could add to the world doing a job you DID enjoy?

i understand not everyone’s financial situations allow them the liberty to simply pursue their passions without thought, but my question is this - why do you need a new car? a big house? a prestigious job? will any of those truly add value to your life?

how do you want to be remembered? do you want to be remembered for what you achieved or who you were? for who you chose to be when you didn’t have everything? living for your résumé is living for your ego - it’s self-serving and it won’t make you happy. but living for your eulogy? that’s what will add the most value to not only your life, but others’ lives too.

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