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"building safe environments to facilitate better connections"



is your organisation in need of a public speaker? someone who will captivate your audience in a real and relatable way? by sharing my struggles with my sexuality, not feeling good enough, and ultimately suicide, i believe i can offer your organisation a powerful and emotive presentation that can prompt change.


do you have a team that could benefit from being more unified? peers that are struggling with feeling alone? individuals that are struggling with confidence? does your organisation have a ‘bad culture’? through personalised sessions, i can assist in creating higher functioning teams through interactive and informative sessions.



not sure how to respond to someone who’s struggling? afraid of saying the wrong thing? have a friend who has an eating disorder or is suicidal? through my work as a crisis text line counsellor, the current mental health first aid training, and my own lived experiences, i’ve devised a training program to help equip individuals with skills to navigate some of these challenging conversations. 


are you an avid reader? looking to feel understood through someone else’s words? my writing vouches to do just that. by presenting myself as humanly human, my words will help you feel less alone as i cover topics we all experience, but don’t often talk about.



a passionate and outgoing individual with a desire to present myself as humanly human to make others feel less alone. in a world that is becoming increasingly more superficial and disconnected, i believe in talking about what’s real and relevant without all the filters.

with a background in psychology, i’ve forever been fascinated by human behaviour. i believe connection to be the antidote to many of the struggles pervasively occupying our lives. through my struggles with my sexuality, not feeling good enough, and ultimately suicide, i vouch to share my story, the lessons i’ve learnt, and my perspective with the sole purpose of helping others to feel more connected.

"Meeting Nic has been a breath of fresh air. Nic is someone who is open and honest about mental health. Just by getting out there and getting the conversation started makes a huge difference to so many people. Forever grateful."

- Becky Stronnar

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