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do you have a team that could benefit from being more unified? peers that are struggling with feeling alone? individuals that are struggling with confidence? does your organisation have a ‘bad culture’? through personalised sessions, i can assist in creating higher functioning teams through interactive and informative sessions.

the most important thing in any team is the relationships within it. and at the core of any relationship is trust. and at the core of trust is safety. these concepts, influenced heavily by patrick lencioni’s the five dysfunctions of a team and maslow’s hierarchy of needs, are what motivate the facilitative sessions i have held for various organisations.

these sessions, which are personalised to the needs of the team or organisation, are designed to assist individuals in feeling more connected, more human, and ultimately, more fulfilled. through probing questions, challenging exercises, and self-reflective activities, my goal is to help your team operate as just that, a team.


i believe only so much change can be achieved by working with individuals on a 1v1 basis, but a lot more can be achieved when the environment is conducive to helping individuals function at their optimal level. individuals don’t do well when they want to do well, individuals do well when they can do well. my intention as a facilitator is to help identify the obstacles preventing these individuals and teams from succeeding and to empower individuals to resolve these issues.


so if you have a team or organisation that is functioning at less than their optimal capability – relationships that are divisive rather than united, individuals that are selfish rather than selfless, please get in contact to see how i can assist your team and your culture.

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