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storytelling can be a powerful medium to evoke emotion and prompt change. by sharing my struggles with my sexuality, not feeling good enough, and ultimately suicide, i believe i harness this power to highlight deficiencies within society and the mental health field surrounding our support of individuals struggling. 


after hitting rock bottom in 2015, i felt compelled to share my story. for years i have been doing this in private conversations and through my writing, but i feel i can have greater influence presenting to larger groups of individuals. with relationships a central focus in my life, i believe in collaborating with organisations to tailor my talks to the needs of the group i’m presenting to.


i recently worked with westminster school to offer a presentation that focused on values, identity, and purpose – the concepts chosen by the year 12 students. i have also presented to sporting clubs to discuss concepts such as confidence, leadership, adversity, mental health, overcoming injuries, and rejection. if your organisation is seeking a guest speaker who will captivate your audience in a real and relatable way or if you have any questions about topics i am happy to present about, please contact me to see what experience we can create together.

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